‘Gourd’eous candle holders

I have a fabulous fall-idea for you guys today!  Don’t these little candle holders just look so incredibly cute?  Perfect for this time of year when the sun sets earlier and we start to dine by candlelight again!

Credit for this fab idea belongs to my brother’s girlfriend who showed up with these amazing little candle holders for thanksgiving yesterday! Apparently it is a family tradition of theirs to make these every year and then hand them out to those near and dear to them. What a great idea for a hostess gift!

And boy did they add warmth and beauty to our table!

To make your own you will need:

  • A variety of little pumpkins and gourds
  • a drill
  • a spade drill bit the diameter of a tea light
  • tea lights
  • a large sharp knife

  • Gently cut a piece off the bottom of the gourd so that it will sit flat on the table. This is to stabilize and to make sure that the candle holder won’t wobble or tip over when it is lit
  • Next, cut off the top of the gourd where you will want to drill the hole for the candle
  • Once you have cut off the top or stem, you can use the drill to create the whole for the tea light to go. Make sure to only drill the hole deep enough for the tea light to sit in

And there you have it: a beautiful addition to your fall decor!  These would look great on a tray on your coffee table, or scattered around the dinner table, or placed on the kitchen counter to keep you company while you cook!

39 thoughts on “‘Gourd’eous candle holders

  1. Krista (kristastes)

    These are SUCH a great idea!! I have 10 mini gourds lying around in a bowl – I may have to try this out. Do you know how long they last before they start to rot though? Just curious!


    Revel! Reply:

    Hey Krista – I’ve never had these before, so I don’t really know how long they will ‘last’, but my guess would be maybe 2-3 weeks? I hope you give it a shot!


    Denise Reply:

    Mine lasted less than a week before they started attracting fruit flies.


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