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Hot Cocoa with Chocolate Spoons

Can you feel the anticipation in the air??  As much as I love the 2 or 3 days of Christmas, I also love the anticipation that builds up in the weeks leading up to t[...]
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Dutch Pepernoten

Our memories are very strongly connected to our sense of smell.  You all know how scents can trigger very strong memories – often instantly transporting you to a[...]
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Sweet Potato Empanadas

So here it is: the night before Thanksgiving Sunday. The turkey is thawing out on the counter, all the groceries have been bought, 4.5 hours of traffic have been con[...]
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Hot (and spiked!) Apple Cider

Oh hot and spicy apple cider, you take me way back! When I think of hot apple cider I instantly get transported about 10 years back.  Back to the time when we were[...]
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Elise Revels in Fall

It’s time to pause, look around and revel fall again! Today Elise is sharing her fall revels with us.  She’s a majorly creative girl who shares daily inspiratio[...]
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Halloween Treats

Hi friends! Now that I have taken care of decorating the inside of my house for Halloween, it is time to get serious.  Because let’s face it, the reason we all en[...]
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