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“Where are they now?”

You know how they have these “Where are they now?” Hollywood specials on TV? The ones where they show what washed up celebrities or one-hit wonders from years pa[...]
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White Christmas

I spent my childhood dreaming of a white Christmas.  Every time I heard that song I was longingly thinking of the lucky kids living in countries where they can make[...]
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Last Christmas…

I think we can all agree that it is totally acceptable to start my Christmas decorating today, right? Definitely! I was taking all of our Christmas decorations out o[...]
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Four Seasons, Four Looks

A brand new year brings 4 new seasons to revel in! I love how a new year gives a clean start, but I also love that the seasons are so consistent.  No matter what th[...]
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Festive Mini Flag Garlands!

What could be more festive than a flag garland hanging on the wall with a happy message on it? Flag garlands are very hot right now, and I thought I would give it a[...]
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‘Gourd’eous candle holders

I have a fabulous fall-idea for you guys today!  Don’t these little candle holders just look so incredibly cute?  Perfect for this time of year when the sun sets[...]
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