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Pineapple Mint Shakes

With all that talk of making sure I stay hydrated a few weeks a go you guys didn’t think I meant just water, did you?  Nope, there are way too many fun ways to ge[...]
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Cool as a cucumber

When I go grocery shopping I ALWAYS buy cucumbers.  Not sure why. Maybe out of habit, or maybe because we eat salad every day and cucs make good salad mixins.  Sam[...]
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Dutch Pepernoten

Our memories are very strongly connected to our sense of smell.  You all know how scents can trigger very strong memories – often instantly transporting you to a[...]
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Spicy Mojitos!

Some like it hot – and I definitely do!  I have always been a big fan of adding some spice to food (although I don’t like adding too much because the meal still[...]
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Fresh and Minty SPRING Rolls

What better way to kick off our first backyard hangout of the season than with food that has the word SPRING in it?!   We had my parents and brothers over for Mothe[...]
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Cauliflower Soup

Let me set the all too familiar scene: You are pushing your grocery cart around the grocery store doing your weekly shopping.  You are determined to buy a whole bun[...]
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