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Banana and Coconut Curry

There are two words that probably don’t come to mind when you think of curry: “bananas” and “coconut”.  Well in my world they absolutely go together! I gr[...]
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Fresh Papaya Shake

Oh Thailand… of all the culinary adventures you have to offer, your fruit shakes made me one very happy girl!  I adored the pad thai and spring rolls and rice wit[...]
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Peach and Apricot Tea Frosting

Happy Valentines Day! Is this really yet another holiday giving us the excuse to indulge in sweets and chocolates?  Uhm…I think I can handle that! This past weeke[...]
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Spicy Mojitos!

Some like it hot – and I definitely do!  I have always been a big fan of adding some spice to food (although I don’t like adding too much because the meal still[...]
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Fish Tacos

Hey friends! I am back from Chicago and had a fabulous time at the Healthy Living Summit! The sponsors did a great job providing us with balanced and nutritious meal[...]
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