Allie Revels in Thailand

Hey guys!

Since I am away on vacation I thought I would invite Allie over to show us her (amazing) photos of her honeymoon in Thailand last year . (By the way, is so weird to say ‘last year’ when referring to 2016!).  Maybe it will give you guys a glimpse into what I may be doing right now.  Thanks Allie for sharing your memories with us – reading your post has me SO excited about our vacation!!

I was too excited when Nienke asked me to share my experience with you while she is traveling.  It was extremely difficult to narrow photos down to a few from the hundreds we took.  It was just as difficult [or rather impossible] to find a decent close-up where I am not in a bikini – sorry – but I wanted to introduce myself & give you a face to put with the “voice”.

I’m Allie, & this is Dave.  We spent three weeks in Thailand last March on our pre-wedding honeymoon.  What drew us to Thailand was the beautiful culture & amazing rock climbing.  I decided to share a few cherished moments & overall feelings about our time there through photos.  After all, moments make up our days, which make up our lives.

The View

Like I mentioned, climbing brought us to Thailand, & one of the best aspects of climbing is reaching the top.  No matter where you are, it always looks [& feels] amazing.


The only way to Tonsai is by long-tail boat.  Once there, the “roads” are dirt.  No cars.  No noise.  No pollution.  Just people & nature.  We could just be & savor each moment.


From the mischievous & fearless monkeys

to the bold elegance of a flower

to the softening of the sky,

Nature made herself known, & you couldn’t deny her beauty.


Our accommodations were not quite this primitive, though we were rooming with a tree frog.  We cherished embracing simplicity & not just in our housing.  Unplugged – no phone, no computers – we spent our days climbing, kayaking, hiking, reading & just lounging on the beach.  It was time to contemplate & realize what is worth putting energy toward – how we would rather spend our moments.

The People

Beautiful.  Kind.  Happy.  Initially shy of the camera, she quickly warmed up to the attention.  Her mother owned the roadside food stand that quickly became our favorite.  It wasn’t just the early morning muesli & our usual evening rice with bananas that drew us there.  It was their warm greetings & sincere nature.  We became more than just familiar & friendly; they seemed genuinely disappointed the morning we said goodbye & even sent us on our way with a complimentary loaf of banana bread to feed us on the plane.  I miss our awkward, pleasant attempts at chatting in the other’s language.

Fresh Start

Each day the tides washed away the traces in the sand of our existence.  It shocked us we were nearly always the first on the beach & to the crag [climbing walls] in the mornings.  We woke with the sun & were rewarded with the day’s first footprints.


I wasn’t surprised we didn’t become irritated or sick of each other until people pointed out that three weeks is a long time to spend every moment of every day together.  We grew closer, even worked through a major tiff & learned a lot about each other in our three-week bubble.

I have been homesick for Thailand ever since Nienke shared the details of their vacation.  I am so excited for her & Derek.  She knows how to truly appreciate & savor each moment, & I know their experiences will be amazing.  Thank you for giving me a chance to re-experience Thailand & letting me share this with you!

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  • Danielle
    September 13, 2020

    Thank you so, so, so much for sharing, Allie. Your photos and descriptions are absolutely beautiful. I need to go to Thailand ASAP! Or maybe I should fall in love first 😉

  • Krista
    September 13, 2020

    Gorgeous photos! I really wish I could have skipped over to Thailand when I visited Australia 🙂 Some day, I will get there!

  • Allie Finch
    September 14, 2020

    Thank you ladies & thanks again Nienke. I hope you are having a wonderful time.
    Danielle ~ you should visit — you will love it.
    Krista ~ I wish We had been able to jump over to Australia during our trip! My husband has been wanting to get back there; & I would love to experience it.