Berry good ice cream sandwiches

It’s that time of year again when berries are everywhere in abundance (and often also on sale – yay!). Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries…. and I am determined to get all the anti-oxidants and vitamins that I can get! Even if it is in the form of dessert.


These berry ice cream sandwiches are the lazy housewife version of fancy desserts.  They have a little bit of attitude and fanciness, but are really dead easy to make.


I guess you could make the cookies and ice cream yourself (some people do that kind of stuff you know!), but in an effort to minimize kitchen-time and maximize backyard-time I used store bought cookies and put the desserts together in a flash.


These ice cream sandwiches are not messy at all. I ate TWO myself just to make sure of that.  I guess someone’s gotta do all the research around here :)  Word of warning though if you want to photograph it on a hot July afternoon – you only have a few minutes to work with before it starts looking like this yummy and melty mess:


Wanna give it a shot and make your own??  This is what you will need:

Since a treat is supposed to be just that (and not an every day thing), I say go with whole cream ice cream.  It is so worth it!  As for the raspberries, feel free to play with the recipe and sub in your favourite fruit, or whatever fruit you have in your fruit basket that need to be used up.  I used frozen mixed berries for the puree and just warmed it up in the microwave for a minute.

For assembly, simply layer the cookies, little ice cream balls and puree and top it off with fresh berries.  Do you think it is possible to make a triple decker?



Enjoy the berries while they last!  It’s pie season soon enough…

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