Christmas Smells like Oranges and Cloves

I am huge into experiencing things through my senses: smell, see, feel, taste, hear.  So when it comes to the holidays there are soooooo many things to smell, see, feel, taste and hear!  No wonder the holidays rank so high on the list of favourite life experiences!


Remember that basket of oranges I had in my kitchen last week?  Well I had grand plans for those oranges, and I don’t just mean eating them!  And remember the pepernoten (spiced cookies) that I made?  It just so happens that the extra cloves came in handy as well.


I smell a craft coming on, and coincidentally this craft also smells like Christmas!

This is a very straightforward project: all you need are oranges, cloves, pretty ribbons and a few pattern ideas.  Simply press the sharp ends of the cloves into the orange and play around with different patterns. Since my oranges have been in my house for a whole week the peel is nice and soft, which made it very easy to push the cloves into it.


You can have a lot of fun with this and create all sorts of different patterns or shapes.  These circles and swirls and snowflakes mimic the festive balls hanging on the Christmas tree.

And adding a few ribbons and bows mimics the presents under your tree.  You can pretty much choose any ribbons that match your decorating colour scheme: red, green, gold,silver, cream, turquoise, whatever!  I used sewing pins to keep the ribbons in place.


A whole bowl off “cloved” oranges (he-he!) on your diningroom table or side table is a great addition to your holiday decorating.  And the smell of cloves and oranges in the air, together with the pine from your Christmas tree really does make your home smell like it’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Phew!  All this talk of oranges is suddenly making me crave a juicy one real bad. And the fact that my fingers smell like oranges and cloves is just encouraging it!


Happy decorating!

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