Confession: I’m a copycat…

… but lucky for me the person I’m copying won’t ever sue me!  So in total and full disclosure I will confess to you guys today that my love of ever changing vignettes did not develop purely by accident or through my own creative genious. Nope, the inspiration is 100% my mom (Insert: “Aaawwwww!”)


She has this beautiful talent of creating pretty little corners throughout the house – like this one in an upstairs hallway.  Every time I visit my parents I am excited to see what she has done because I kid you not: these vignettes are always changing.

Of course you need a lot of props to pull this off, and she has a whole prop closet that she stores the things in that she’s not using at the time.  Oh and don’t you worry, I’m working on my own prop closet (my husband has my mom to thank for that one!).


What I love about changing things up is that it gives us the chance to celebrate different seasons.  If you want to create a vignette you can gain a lot of inspiration in terms of colours and texture by just looking at what nature is doing outside and then bringing those elements into your home.


Now how do you make your own vignettes?  Just by looking at these pictures I see a few themes already:

  • cabinets, side tables, benches or butlers’ trays to set the scene
  • little lamps
  • pots with plants or flowers
  • leaning picture frames or mirrors against the wall
  • random items like a bowl, ceramic birds or woven hearts

So simple we can all do it!


Oh and flowers – ALWAYS fresh flowers!


Scattering books and magazines all around the place makes a home look interesting and lived in.  But remember not to just leave them as props: actually reading them is fun too!



I am so in love with this quote from the above picture!  I think it perfectly sums up how I feel about “home”


The quote is from this book and you have got to check it out!  Incredible photos of houses and families and people living in their home.


Does your decorating style reflect the style of the home you grew up in?  Perhaps it is because we associate a certain style with HOME and now we crave it in our own homes?  I know that’s true for me!

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