Cool as a cucumber

When I go grocery shopping I ALWAYS buy cucumbers.  Not sure why. Maybe out of habit, or maybe because we eat salad every day and cucs make good salad mixins.  Same goes for tomatoes, apples and bananas.  Once I have all of these items in my cart the pressure is off and I can think about what else to buy!  Yeah, I know it’s kinda weird.

Another quirk of mine is that I prever not to waste perfectly good calories on drinks.  That’s what snacks and dessert are for – and believe me, I always make sure I get my fair share!  Occasionally I have a beer or a nice mixed drink, but most of the time when I’m sitting in the backyard or while I’m cooking I have some flavoured water.  I always take some sparkling or still water and add anything from berries to limes to a splash of juice or some tea leaves.  And if you dress it up with a straw or pour it in a fun glass it totally feels like a cocktail!


And if I want something really refreshing, I add some cucumber slices. Since I always have some in the fridge and all. This time I also added a few slices of fresh lime, you know… for some extra freshness.

This cucumber-water drink actually serve as a great palate cleanser.


I never really gave cucumber enough credit for what it has to offer nutritionally.  Other than the fact that it has a very high water content, I didn’t realize that these standard-nienke-salad-companions actually have more to offer than water. Like:

  • Vitamins B1,2,3,5, and 6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium (in the cucumber skin)
  • Potassium (in the cucumber skin)
  • Zinc


The skin of the cucumber is also a source of fibre. As a bonus, the cucumber comes with the extra water needed to help in consuming the fibre. Clever right?

The potassium, magnesium and fiber content of cucumbers also aid in dropping blood pressure to healthier levels.


… not so nutritionally void after all, eh?

It’s a good thing these guys are available all year round!



There are many different healthy uses for cucumbers which we will get to later – but for now: Bottoms up!

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