Diaries of the Huge Eiffel Tower Dilemma – Part 2

So where did the awkwardly large Eiffel Tower print end up??  We found a nice and sunny home for it in our guest bedroom!  As you can see we don’t have an actual bed in our guest bedroom, but rather just a boxspring with a matras (all part of the make-do-with-what-you-have movement). So with no bed we by default also have no headboard – or at least some sort of visual interest on the blank wall above the bed.  This is also one of the only places in our house where we have a wall large enough to house such a large piece (the ceilings in our basement/family room are pretty low, and our master bedroom has very awkward ceiling nooks as it sorta sits in the roof).

Our guest bedroom is a very sunny and happy room!  It has a large window that overlooks our backyard, and in the late afternoon when the sun streams in it feels like you are sitting in the treetops.  This room has actually become the reading-spot-of-choice for both Derek and I, and I think it is because of how light and warm it is!  And I’m not gonna lie, it is also the favoured laundry folding area, as the washer and dryer are in the hallway just off of this room….. and if we are in a rush it is easy to just dump the laundry on the bed until you have a second to fold and put it away.

I originally had a navy and white checkered duvet cover on the bed – but as you can imagine, it ended up looking extremely busy.  The graphic interest of the duvet cover totally clashed with the boldness of the Eiffel Tower.  So in order to tone it down and make the print the star of the show, I bought a cheapo plain white duvet cover, as well as a couple of solid green pillowcases to go with the white sheet set that I had already.  The 2 throw pillows migrated up from our family room.

To continue the Ikea trend (gotta love that store, I think they need to pay me for advertising!!), I found these cubed side tables for $39 a piece (and they were super easy to assemble – yay!).  My original plan was to paint them white, but then I decided that I like the natural feel that they bring into the room.  These tables also serve as storage, as the lid opens up.  I think this will be perfect for storing some additional blankets in the winter.  And of course you gotta have some flowers to add some life to the room!

My mom knew I was looking for some lamps with a green glass base and she snagged a couple at Bouclair when they were on sale – perfect don’t you think!  Thanks Mom – you always know just what I like!

I used green as an accent colour, instead of using many different colours.  With the Eiffel Tower being sooooo in your face I wanted to minimize the amount of visual clutter in the room, and this was a good way to achieve that.

Wanna know what this room used to look like before??  I think you need to, just in order to truly appreciate the full transformation  The only pictures I could find were from the evening when Derek and I did a viewing of the house right before putting an offer in to buy.  I present to you, The Blue Room:

Seriously, the carpets were blue, the walls were blue, the curtains were blue, and the bedding was blue.  Not that there is anything wrong with blue, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing?!

So other than reading room and laundry-dumping room, the primary purpose of this room is guest bedroom. And we have been lucky to have a few overnight guests, including this past weekend.  I like to know that my guests are comfortable when they are under my roof, you know.  Without getting too “hotelly” (because we don’t offer room service!!), I like to leave some clean towels and some glasses with clean water for our guests.

Whenever I am lucky enough to stay in hotels, I bring home the little soaps and body wash, etc. because they make great little guest bedroom accessories.

And some greenery from the garden adds an extra touch.  Can you see me in the candle holders??

So there you have it my friends – Hotel Revelry!  Wanna come over?

Oh, and PS.  For some reason our guest bedroom is more done than our master bedroom – I just cannot decide what direction I want to go in with our own bedroom, so for now I will wait until the inspiration strikes! But I will surely keep you posted

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  • ashley
    May 26, 2019

    oh.my.word. That room is seriously 100% amazing. Seriously. I LOVE all of the different greens and the art work is PERfect. That is definitely a “bed” in my book. GAh…love your design sense. Can I click copy + paste to your photos and insert them in my house please??

  • Morgan
    May 27, 2019

    Ooooookay your guest room is nicer than my whole house! BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  • ashley
    May 29, 2019

    p.s. we don’t fold our laundry in the guest bedroom…we fold on the couch + then carry up to the spare room which we treat like a closet. It does not get put away too frequently 🙂

  • TorontoGirloutWest
    May 30, 2019

    The room transformation is AMAZING!!!!!!! I don’t know what you do for a living buy I think you should consider design.
    The esthetic of the whole room is absolutely perfect!!!! That ought to teach people like me not to shun what a white duvet can do to make other elements stand out.
    Love!!!! 