Double green vases

Another day, another mood, another welcome party at my front door!  Different moods and different seasons call for different looks, and even though I have a certain ‘style’ that I like, I love to mix things up.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of green (it is probably at this point a very strong contender for my favourite colour, thereby pushing orange into the runner-up position)!


This little vignette in my front entrance is green in more ways than one!  I have been collecting all the green glass bottles that I could get my hands on for the last while.

Reusing old bottles is such a green way to display your greens! And the bottles are green glass to boot.


I may have had lunch with a friend and asked her at the end of the meal if I could have her Perrier bottle and then promptly stuffed the empty little bottle into my purse!


There may also have been some dumpster diving to retrieve a nice Jagermeister bottle.  And do you recognize the little green bottles from this post?


I wish I could say that I picked these flowers from my very own garden, but I got them at our corner store.  Maybe next year, right?  This is our first full summer in our house and despite all my grand ambitions I have not yet planted anything new and have instead been working with what we already had.


I can picture a whole flowerbed of these beauties in my backyard and would love to wander out there every few days to fill some bud vases.



But until then, I support local shops and delight in pretty flowers in my double green vases!

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  • Coleen
    March 3, 2020

    You are sooooooo creative, know where you inherited it from. Me too collect all shapes of empty bottles for centre piece decorations when entertaining. And it looks nice with one or 2 flowers in it.
    It is also a way of recycling, re-use and take care of the environment.

  • Heather
    March 4, 2020

    those are BEAUTIFUL! wanna come to colorado and decorate for me? i can’t pay you, but i’ll make you food 🙂