Edible Arrangements

You guys know by now that I love to have flowers in my home.  It adds so much life and happiness and it is a very easy way to change up the look of any little vignette or corner of your house. But let’s face it, flowers can be pretty expensive and sometimes don’t last more than a few days.

I was buying some flowers for the cafe that I work at last week and came across these decorative cabbages.  I was very excited because they set the tone for the start of fall and the harvest season!  Not to mention that these guys look pretty hardy and I have a feeling they will last at least a couple of weeks – score!


My best Googling skills only offer names such as ‘cabbage flowers’ and ‘decorative cabbages’, so I don’t know if these guys have a different ‘real’ name (any guesses?)

We had friends over for dinner last week and Derek joked that I shouldn’t put them out on the diningroom table, because people may think they are salads!  I guess I can see how that would be the case!

To add to the whole edible arrangements theme, I bought a couple of mini chili plants a few weeks ago because I thought they would look very cute sitting on my kitchen counter.

This edible arrangements theme totally happened by accident – I promise!

I wonder if I can make some spicy mojitos with these?


Maybe next time I should buy some actual flowers – just to make sure the inside of my house doesn’t start looking like a farm stand!


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