Fall Antiquing

Hey! How are you all enjoying the start of this fabulous fall season?  I am already getting excited about apple picking, decorating for Halloween, baking pies, and even raking up all the pretty leaves (especially if I can take a break to enjoy a nice pumpkin spice latte!)

This past weekend the weather was incredibly amazing here in southern Ontario.  You know the blue-skies-that’s-chilly-enough-to-justify-wearing-a-pretty-scarf kinda Saturday?

My parents and I took full advantage of such a stunning day to go to the Christie Antique Show, while the boys took advantage of the weather by playing a round of golf.


So I need to be honest here with you guys. You see, I have always been a bit wary of antique markets.  Not least because an old, used and broken lamp or spoon could cost you more than what you would pay for it brand new in the store.  I guess it’s also that musty smell associated with old stuff that turns me off a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong though – I really do appreciate solid wood furniture, or odd pieces that make for interesting props around the house.  And deep inside I have a strong desire to look at an old piece of furniture, have a vision for it and repurpose it into a new, practical and pretty piece.  That would thrill me to no end!

So once I got to the show (for some reason they call it an antique ‘show’ instead of an antique ‘market’), I let go of all those negative connotations and started looking for unique stuff that would work with MY house.  There was some really cool stuff!


Here are the ‘rents looking at old maps of Ireland. Pretty expensive, but they would look amazing in a pair of black frames, hanging on an office wall…



There were also some neat kitchen stuff. These would be cool props for an old farm-style or retro kitchen.

…and THIS chair stole a piece of my heart…

And so it seems that I have found yet another place where balls go to die.  Or do they perhaps come to antique markets for a chance at a new life?

At some point (after walking around with the glorious sun on your face and a crisp early fall wind at your back, and after stooping down to take pictures of odds and ends), refreshments are in order!

This mini donut vendor was a welcome sight!  Even if the lineup of people in front of us thought so too!


In addition to all the amazing stuff that I wish I had the money or the space for, there was a fair share of weird things.  Like this gondola!

Haha – my neighbours would not be very impressed if I put this in my front yard!


Or how about this lovely napkin holder?

Do you see the salt and pepper shakers as the eyes?  And the toothpicks?! Too funny!


And I was actually contemplating walking away with this huge ‘roller coaster’ sign.  I thought it would look cool above our couch.  Except when I came home and showed Derek the pictures he said: “I am SO glad you did not buy that!”

I guess with a $500 price tag I am also glad I did not buy it!


So DID I buy anything?  Why yes I did!  And I am going to be a major tease and wait until tomorrow to show you!

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