Hot (and spiked!) Apple Cider

Oh hot and spicy apple cider, you take me way back! When I think of hot apple cider I instantly get transported about 10 years back.  Back to the time when we were new immigrants to Canada and my family and I would drive around the cold Canadian countryside to explore our new world.

We would stop at Tim Horton’s for a box of Timbits (donut holes) and some hot chocolate or hot apple cider (this was before I discovered the wonder an magic of coffee…).  Then we would get back into our big green Grand Caravan and drive ‘home’ along the country roads.  Way back in those days a Timmies snack-run would be an outing and form of entertainment for us.  And our town didn’t even have a Tim Horton’s, so we had to drive to the next town.


Just writing about it now I can feel the hot paper cup of sweet (!!) apple cider in my hands and my eyes are glued to the passing old barns and snowy fields.  And snow was a brand new phenomenon for us back then!


Oh the memories are almost as sweet as that apple cider. (“Almost” I say, because the cider was so sweet I could hardly finish it most of the time).


It is now officially apple season. Oh dear, I could totally post a different apple themed recipe 3 times a day for the next month if I had the time, because there are so many creative ways to use apples.

This year I am adding hot apple cider to my Thanksgiving series.  It makes for a nice starter to drink as the family arrives and the last minute cooking is being done. And if you are lucky enough to have graduated from the kids table to the grownup table, adding a shot of spiced rum may very well be a fantastic idea!


I just used a bottle of store bought pure apple cider and heated it up in a pot on the stove.  Add a touch of cinnamon or cloves to taste.


Ooooo the Thanksgiving excitement is bubbling up in me as I drink this warm cup of cider!

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  • nelly
    January 18, 2019

    I can only imagine how delicious it was 🙂

  • ammy
    January 20, 2019

    looks really taaaaaaaaaaaasty <3