How to set up a holiday vignette…

I’m sure there are lots of things around your house that can contribute to your Christmas decorating. Random tree ornaments, pretty ribbons, little bits of trimmings from the tree, or a simple spool of twine.  I like to decorate with little vignettes all around the house – and my mom is totally to blame for this.  When you go to my parents’ house my mom has all these sweet corners that she changes up all the time: on the fireplace mantel, on the kitchen counter, on side tables, the front entrance, even the powder room. (Total side note: Mom, I need to feature your house on the blog!).


Before I start a holiday craft I decide what the overall feel is that I am trying to accomplish.  Earthy, or artsy, or classic, or what?  Then I go around and collect little pieces that support that theme.  I have a couple of cupboards where I keep my decorating props. It may be a little crystal vase to go with a glamourous theme, or some pinecones from outside for the earthy theme.  Once I lay all of these objects out on the table I am able to see which ones go together nicely.

While setting up a vignette I change things up as I am going until it feels just right – don’t worry, it doesn’t have to work out perfectly the first time! Once you get going you will know if it looks right or not.  And if it doesn’t look right just quite yet, switch things around a bit! You may find that adding a red ribbon is all you need to complete the picture.

I kinda did it with my green painted styrofoam Christmas trees.  I loved the playfulness of the first scene!  It felt kinda whoville-ish to me.  But when I take away the red ribbon and playful polka dot gift, the whole setting instantly feels more rustic.  Just one little tweak – but a very different vibe!


Would you like your own mini trees?

I picked these styrofoam cones up at my local art supply store (16″ tall I think…?), along with bright green paint.  They definitely required 2 coats of paint, but the porous texture gave the trees a delightfully rough look. Smooth styrofoam would work well too, especially if you want to achieve a more elegant or glamorous look.

For the tree topper I stuck in a couple of silver gift tags (the part with the hole for the ribbon is stuck into the tree so that it can’t be seen).  Different ornaments, like angels or stars or even balls would work out great as mini tree toppers too.  And of course you can paint the trees any colour: gold, red, yellow, whatever.


Decorating is so much fun – and it is the perfect opportunity to show your personality!  If you are like me and like many different looks, that’s OK too.  Actually, that means you get to have a different look all the time – it keeps things interesting.

Do you ever try out different decorating styles in your home?  Or do you stick with what you know you love and what works?

Happy decorating!

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  • Revel!
    December 17, 2019

    Congrats on the new place Allie – have fun making it “home”!

  • Allie Finch
    December 18, 2019

    We just moved into a new place & you make me so excited to decorate! I definitely want to switch it up…play with a lot of different looks. Something as small as changing a vignette can completely alter the tone of your home.