It was bound to happen…

You saw it coming, didn’t you?

Well, first here is a little bit of background for the new faces. I go totally crazy over horizontal stripes – just crazy I tell ya!  I generally love bold and graphic prints and had this great vision for my office last year and stripes were a big part of it.  Well, turns out this vision wasn’t exclusively for my office but for my whole house! (Even if that wasn’t the original plan).

So yeah, I just couldn’t resist migrating this fabric covered bulletin board downstairs.


Every time I change our front entrance table I try to add some hight to the setting.  There is nothing else on the wall, and without something with a bit of height to it the table will just disappear. It’s been tricky to find tall stuff, but sometimes a vase of branches or a picture frame leaning against the wall does the trick.  Another option would obviously be to actually hang something on the wall, but I’m not ready to commit to one look or to holes in the wall just yet!

When we came back from vacation I felt like our downstairs needed a little somethin’. Some visual impact! By the way, isn’t it incredible how a vacation or change or scenery makes you look at your own house differently? It’s so cool to gather inspiration elsewhere!


OK, so back to the stripes! I love how they make our old house seem more youthful and alive.  Not to mention that the stripes coupled with fresh green flowers make me feel like I’m at vacation. You know, instead of having a foot of snow outside with a 3 foot icicle hanging from our eavestrough. Not even joking.

Because the stripes are so graphic and “in your face” I picked up monochromatic flowers so that there aren’t competing points of visual interest.  The fresh green (mystery) flowers are paired with darker toned banana leafs.  Sometimes the flowers are the star, but in general I love picking one colour scheme for my flowers.  It is much more streamlined and modern and is a great way of creating a cohesive setting or vibe.


Of course I like to balance the modern out with something rustic and I accomplished this by putting the flowers in one of my antique sap buckets.  Since the bucket has clean lines I think this pairing works very well!

I did not want to add too much clutter since this area normally has some keys or sunglasses or whatever on it.  In anticipation of Valentines Day (yay!) I just added a single woven heart.


Take that winter! It’s beginning to look like summer in here!

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  • Karolina
    November 13, 2017

    Wow-I absolutely love what you did with this set up! Absolutely amazing! Can you come to my office and create something for me? 🙂

  • Casey Haughland
    November 19, 2017

    i absolutely love your designs 😀
    they’re so welcoming & personal 😀

  • Laken
    November 20, 2017

    LOVE this. I’m glad someone else loves stripes as much as I do 🙂