Long Dill “Flowers”

I clearly have an ‘edible arrangement‘ problem. When I go to the grocery store I apparently shop with my eyes, and fall for produce that can stunt double as flowers in my home.  What did I get myself up to THIS time?

Just have a look:


You may recognize these pretty yellow ‘flowers’ as the leftover long dill that I used for my dilly green beans the other day.


I was walking along the sidewalk minding my own business when I saw a bucket of pretty long dill at the grocer.  My first thought was “they would look so pretty in a vase”, and only my second thought was “mmm…. I need to make some green beans with dill and butter”


And at 99 cents per bunch, and dual purposes in mind I was not going to argue with that.  It was coming home with me.

And I drive a pretty bargain!

PS. Our house now smells like dill and it makes Derek crave chips….

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