Mutt Beach

Do you ever have a random but magical moment that comes very unexpectedly but sticks in your mind for a long time?  I love when that happens!

These moments are normally completely simple and the greatest gift is that they happen out of the blue.  It’s like a bonus that you didn’t see coming. Just: “Boom!”.  Magic.

We’ve been back from vacation for 3 weeks now (and that’s just craziness!) and I often think back to this one special afternoon walk that I took in Thailand.  I will take you to this moment with me, but first turn up this song to get the full vibe of that day! The song found us everywhere on vacation, like through live bands on sidewalks or on replay on the only English TV channels we could find.


Since magical moments tend to appear unexpectedly, this one occurred at the end of a rainy day.  With it being our last full day on vacation we were pretty bummed out that we couldn’t take full advantage of the beach just one more time before returning to cold, dark, and snowy Toronto.

We woke up to POURING rain which sent our wishes for our last day crashing down.  We braved the rainy walk to get some breakfast and then spent the rest of the day huddled together in our bungalow. Napping, reading, playing Jenga and peeking out the window every now and then to see if it was clearing up yet.  OK, to be completely honest, it was kinda nice to be forced to do nothing for a day!

Later in the afternoon my cabin fever set in and the rain cleared up just enough that I grabbed my camera and went out on a solo excursion along the beach.

What was so magical about this walk?  Aside from the fresh, post-rain island air it was all the dogs that followed me along on my walk!  There were so many dogs everywhere in Thailand (cities, streets, beaches, sleepy towns… everywhere) and we affectionately referred to this particular beach as “Mutt Beach”


The moment I stepped outside I was greeted by a sleepy puppy who decided to walk along for a little bit.  Then a little bit further on he got tired or bored and passed the torch to another curious pup. This kept happening all along my walk!  It was like they welcomed  the distraction in between their naps.


The weird thing was that the dogs were not very social and they didn’t like to play or interact.  I swear they followed me around but made sure that they remained very cool and blaze about the whole thing.  Like they didn’t want me to know that they noticed me! I would call them over and make kissy sounds and take photos of them but they were very stubborn and chose to ignore me.

You see this guy here – he’s gorgeous right? Yeah, he totally ignored me! Gave me the cold shoulder.


This next little dude did not like me at all!  The poor thing was very skittish and nervous and made the most pathetic sounds. Just look at that worried look on his face. If only he knew I just wanted to be his buddy!


I walked for about an hour each way and had to stop under random bushes or decks to hide from the rain.  If I didn’t have my camera with me I might have just walked IN the rain!

There were so many different kinds of mutts, but his one was the least mutt like.  Funny how the most pedigree dog of them all was the only one who wanted to play and interact.  I guess the mutts are the snobs in the canine kingdom?


Here is a glimpse of Stripy Towel, who now, by the way, rests somewhere on the island of Koh Samui. RIP good friend …  If you are a germaphobe like me you will most certainly have thought about the fact that the dogs do their business right on the beach and then silly tourists go lay down on it.  That may or may not have been part of Stripy Towel’s final demise.


I guess it’s true what they say “It’s a dog’s life”.


Thanks to the pups of Mutt Beach for turning a yucky rainy day into a magical experience!

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  • Allie Finch
    January 25, 2020

    Aw, you make me miss DumDum, the local crag dog that kept us company on our own Thailand adventure. He liked to pull rocks out of the water & pile them on the beach. Strange, cute pup.

  • Toronto Girl West
    January 28, 2020

    What absolutely gorgeous puppies! And some of them even have collars . . . I guess they have owners after all!
    BTW – my favourite is the furriest of them all. That puppy reminds me of my Daisy! 🙂
    PS: Thank-you for the lovely comments on our wedding pictures! I’m thrilled how they came out!!!