“Oh Cookie Tree, Oh Cookie Tree”

ONE cookie is great… but a bunch of cookies stacked on top of each other with icing  in between is WAY better!  I call it: “Cookie Trees”.

As a bonus, this holiday treat moonlights as a fun activity, especially for kids.  I made these cookie trees with Derek’s nieces during Christmas last year.  It was a lot of fun, a little bit messy, but mostly delicious!

The holiday cookie trees are easy alternatives to decorating gingerbread houses.  Once you have the cookies baked and stacked you can have a decorating party with a bunch of bowls filled with a variety of decorations (sprinkles, icing, candy, you name it) to trim your “trees” with.

I just baked simple sugar cookies, but these would work really well with gingerbread cookies too.

You will need star shaped cookie cutters in a range of sizes.  For you Toronto readers, I picked this kit up at the kitchen supply store in the St. Lawrence market last year (they have a whole bunch of awesome cookie cutters!).

Bake a bunch of cookies in each of the shapes and use icing to “glue” them together.  Start with the largest cookies at the bottom, and work your way up through the cookie sizes until you have used the smallest cookies at the very top.  Rotated every cookie so that the points of the star are in between the points of the cookie below it.  This will give it that wonderful pine tree look!

To mix it up you could also cover every cookie with icing before assembling your tree. OR… you could use a few different colours of icing to match the rest of your holiday decor.

I love the white and silver look right now!

But you could also go traditional and add some green and red.  There are so many options here: you could add “garland” or an angel at the top, etc.


Cookie recipe from here:


Mix 1.5 cups of powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons of milk and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract to form a pasty icing.

Happy Baking!

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