Revel’s Office Reveal

Are you ready for the office reveal?  So apparently I was misleading you guys with my clue yesterday (and I loved reading all your guesses by the way), because Derek came home and asked me what the big clue was AND HE’S SEEN THE OFFICE!

Maybe it’s a guy thing (sorry babe), but the clue was stripes!!  And I did not paint horizontal stripes on the wall. You see, as much as I love stripes on walls, oh my word that would take FOR-EVERRR!!

So here she is:

Unfortunately today was another gloomy day, but I decided to take pictures to show you anyways.  Perhaps it makes my little creative space look more cozy?  The room itself is pretty small, but it is the perfect space to be creative in.

For the focal point, I covered an old (and large!) bulletin board with some horizontal navy and blue striped fabric.  This was an easy AND cheap project with dramatic results.

Oh and this lamp!  I scored it at HomeSense for only $25 and I could not believe my luck!  At first I was a bit nervous about how the colours of the wall (Valspar’s Seashell Gray) and the stripes and the lampshade would go together, but I think they mesh well.

And I think this is one of those instances where mixing patterns totally works.  Just look at the cute pattern on the inside of the lampshade! It makes the whole office feel a bit more whimsical and playful!

I like to have a bunch of pencils, crayons and oil pastels on my desk so I can just grab it and sketch out an idea when the inspiration strikes.

You will also always find an assortment of books or magazines on my desk and these constantly get circulated.  And of course some note cards for writing lists or ideas on!

The door you see here behind the chair leads to a nice deep closet.  I have painted the inside of the closet a grayish blue colour and have plans to cover the ugly white metal shelving and organize all my crafting and prop supplies in there. Fun stuff!!

So what does the rest of the office look like?

The dark bookshelf does not work so well in this space anymore – but I suppose it’s a case of “work with what you have” for now. Can’t wait to toss it and get something lighter in colour!

Did you notice on the wall opposite the desk there is another one of these great bulletin boards?  This one will remain uncovered and I will use it to pin up my calendar and inspirational pictures. You may notice some of the boards I use as backgrounds for my food posts (the secret is out, folks!).

And what blogger doesn’t need a great big @ sign for their office?

I bought this basket to serve as my wastepaper basket but it just ended up housing a whole bunch of rolls of paper and gift wrapping (Ok, and maybe also a yoga mat…)

From this angle you can see some artwork I made of craft and office supplies.  It was a messy project that involved mini canvases, paint and plaster (details to follow). Who knew plaster was so temperamental?

We wanted to make sure that the wall colour in the office flows cohesively with the rest of the house.  Here you can see that the landing by the stairs is painted in another light gray (Valspar’s Villa Gray) and darker gray colour (Valspar’s Smoked Oyster).

I love gray a colour for the home right now (clearly!) and find it very fresh. If you pick the right gray it will also add warmth (as opposed to the cooler, more institutional looking grays).

And of course every room has a view, and this is the view from this room:

No makeover is ever complete without some before and after shots.  So in order to fully appreciate the transformation, check out the comparison:

As you can see, the walls used to be a pale blue colour (and was a little boy’s room before we bought the house).  In the before shot you can see the bulletin board that I covered with the horizontal navy striped fabric.

What has not changed?

  • same desk
  • same chair
  • I still like to have flowers on my desk
  • I still like to have pens, pencils, markers, etc in a jar for easy access

Well there you have it – my office (can you picture me sitting there typing away?).  Hopefully some day I can show you guys a full house tour, but for now we are doing room by room.

I like to change things up quite often so I will keep you guys updated for sure!


Where do you do most of your work?? I also like to sit at the diningroom table or by the desk in our living room to change it up a bit!

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