Stripy Towel is at it again!

Yes that’s right, Stripy Towel is on the move again! What started as light dinner conversation last week turned into an impulsive decision which officially means Stripy Towel will be using his passport a lot sooner than anticipated.

If you are not familiar with the story of my dear green and white striped beach towel, check out this post.  Affectionately dubbed “Stripy Towel”, my beach towel has snuck into a whole bunch of our travel photos and has become a nice way of documenting our travels.  This whole travel companion thing was just a lucky coincidence.  Except, this time Stripy Towel is coming with me on purpose – first thing to go into the suitcase!

So where will I be taking Stripy Towel?  Introducing:


TNT? Well, TNT stands for Tokyo and Thailand!

What is even more shocking (and exciting!!) is that we leave on Boxing day. So yeah, that’s like, less than 2 weeks from now!!

We knew Thailand would be our next big trip and thought we may go either spring or fall of 2011.  But then last week we started talking about it and realized that it would be easier for D to be out of work over Christmas since there are so many holidays in between.

After our dinner conversation last week we researched flights online and 2 hours later we were booked.  I gotta tell you, at the time I was freaking out a little bit but now that our travel itinerary is falling into place I am incredibly excited!  I have never been to Asia and I bet we are in for a huge adventure.  We will be spending 4 nights in Tokyo, from where we will head over to Bangkok (and will be there for New Year’s Eve!).  After all the busy city exploring we are heading down to the beaches (Mostly Phuket and Koh Samui).

  • The photographer in me is very excited to take LOTS of photos!
  • The decorator/crafter in me is very excited about getting new inspiration and ideas!
  • The cook in me is very excited to try some good (and different!) food and get recipe ideas!
  • The tomboy in me is excited about snorkeling, swimming and kayaking!
  • The reveller in me is looking forward to walking around with my eyes wide open, even if it is outside my comfort zone!
  • The wife in me is looking forward to spending quality and quantity time with my husband!

As for Stripy Towel… I’m sure he will get a lot more action in Thailand than in Tokyo, but one thing is for sure: I will be documenting it all and report back to y’all.

Together with researching hotels and activities, doing Christmas shopping (still have to start!), and working at the cafe, I am furiously working on having posts ready for the time that I am away.  I have some recipes, pretty things and fun ideas up my sleeve so I hope you will keep checking in!  And then when I am back I will have all sorts of fun stuff to share with you guys. Don’t worry though because I am still here and am kicking around until Christmas.

I am very blessed and there are lots of things to revel in – I hope you are revelling too!


So, have you been to either Tokyo or Thailand?  Any tips or advise for me?  Since it is all happening so fast I can use all the help I can get!

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