Summer slowdown in the backyard

Happy Friday!

Do you have some fun plans for the weekend?  I hope you get some relaxin’ in there somewhere!

One of my biggest goals for this summer was to slow down a little bit.  Not planning too much for my days, not over committing myself, slowing down my pace (sometimes to a crawl), because quite honestly – I really need that!  I have been plugging through at a hectic pace for the last few years and was hoping if I slowed down a bit I would be able to gain a new perspective and re-evaluate a few things.

One of my favourite places to relax is in my parents’ backyard – I think I have to plant myself there a few more times before the cold weather forces us to huddle together inside!


One of the reasons why this spot is one of my very favourite escapes from the big and busy world is this awesome little structure! We have had a rough time naming it, but eventually settled on “hut” and “shack”.


The hut is a magical place – just look at it!


My brother designed the hut and then built it with the help of the other males in the family.  You see that ledge that goes all around the seating area?   Perfect for putting your coffee cup, wine glass or cheese plate!  The ledge also makes for extra seating, as we have crammed a crazy number of people into the hut.


Element number two that lends to the greatness of the hut is the candles!  My uncle made the chandelier that is hanging in the ceiling – and the ledge has plenty of room for various candles and lanterns!  At night, when the candles are lit the whole hut has a magical glow to it as the light flickers against the cedar wood.  Mmmm I can already smell cigars and feel the light blanket over my knees on a brisk fall night!


My mom changes up the cushions every few years by re-upholstering them with new fabric (this specific fabric is from Ikea – am I right, mom?).


This backyard is such a great example of how you can create something from nothing.  6 Years ago this was a brand new neighbourhood – no grass, no fences, nothing! Don’t you think they have created a great little oasis for themselves?


It makes me think of all the things I still want to do to my own backyard – but for now I’m gonna take a seat with my new book (Anthony Bordain’s “Kitchen Confidential) and fully embrace ‘slowing down’.



Have a fabulously relaxing weekend! Take good care of yourself!

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