Thanksgiving Series: Dilly Green Beans

I have some shocking news for you guys today!

…Thanksgiving is only TWO weeks away!! Canadian Thanksgiving that is, which is on October 11th.

Are you as surprised as I am?  I do not have a single pumpkin on my front porch yet, I am yet to have a pumpkin spice latte, and I still wear flip flops on a daily basis. How can this be?!


So in an attempt to mentally and physically prepare myself for this delightful holiday, I am kicking off my official “Give Thanks” series.  I am hoping it will give you guys a few ideas for turkey day, and it will give me the chance to test drive some recipes… sort of like a dress rehearsal (even if your Thanksgiving is not until November -talking to all my American readers here).

I’m kicking this series off with a side dish.  Holidays are typically very indulgent (hello mashed potatoes and pie!!) so I like to get in my veggies one way or another! I saw these gorgeous stems of long dill at my local grocer and instantly knew that I HAD to make some buttery, dilly green beans with it!

How to:

  • Cut the ends off a bunch of fresh green beans
  • Toss in a pot with boiling water (with a pinch of salt)
  • Boil the beans for only about 5 minutes (so that they are bright green and still crisp – you don’t want them to get soggy)
  • Drain the water from the beans
  • Chop up some fresh dill (I included the little yellow ‘flowers’ for the prettyness factor)
  • Toss the beans and dill in some fresh butter and course sea salt

Serve hot


Again me with the butter.  And I do not apologize. No way.


These dilly beans also make for some fantastic leftovers.  On day 2, when they are nice and cold, simply crumble in a bit of feta, and toss in a hand full of sunflower seeds!  Nice and quick little salad.


So have you thought about Thanksgiving yet? What are your Thanksgiving menu must-haves?


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