Udon Noodles with Vegetable Broth

I love pasta and I love veggies.  I’ve been successfully combining these two in creating delicious meals for AGES!  It is not until recently that I have been branching out my noodle and veggie combo.  Who knew there were more combinations to be discovered?

For the past year or so Derek and I have been eating a lot more Japanese.  I suppose it started when we got tired of the usual suspects when we go out for dinner.  It also doesn’t hurt that we have an incredible Japanese restaurant within walking distance from our house.  Yay for walking down the street for date night and ordering delicious vegetarian maki rolls!

The next step in my Japanese palette development was our trip to Tokyo over the new year.  As I mentioned before, I am not huge on eating a lot of meat so I was seeking out a vegetarian options during our visit.  Enter: Veggie noodle bowls.


Being the foreigners that we were, it took us a little while to figure out how some of the restaurants worked.  It is typical for restaurants in Japan to have plastic models of the food they serve lined up in the window.  This is awesome for people who don’t read Japanese, and also for visual folk like me!

On our first day in Tokyo we successfully sourced a little restaurant with beautiful veggie noodle bowls in their window and walked in to get our lunch on.  The lady working inside asked if we had a ticket, which we didn’t. We soon figured out that there is a vending machine outside the restaurant where you buy your meal ticket and then redeem it inside.

Can I tell you that I still think of that meal as my very favourite during our whole visit?  Soba noodles with some vegetables and vegetable broth.  Delicious, filling, and nice and warm after playing tourist in the cold all day!


It’s only natural that I’ve been craving that exact meal for the last while and it has become a total necessity to recreate the experience at home. So easy!  Only 5 ingredients. You should try it!




What you need:

  • 4 stalks of chopped green onion
  • 4 heads of baby bok choy
  • 50z udon or soba noodles
  • one vegetable stock cube
  • 1 litre of water
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste

Serves 2


How to:

  1. Add the water and vegetable stock to a pot and bring it to a boil on the stove.
  2. Next, add the noodles – I prefer to keep them long. Cook for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Add the baby bok choy towards the end when there is about about 2-3 minutes of cooking time left.  You don’t want to overcook the bok choy.
  4. Serve in deep bowls and garnish with fresh, chopped green onion.
  5. Grind some fresh peppercorns on top for additional flavour and spice.

Note: You do not need to add any salt because the vegetable stock will add enough saltiness and flavour to both the broth and the noodles.

I love Sobaya‘s Spelt Udon Noodles – they are very grainy and tasty and offer a whopping 12g of protein per serving!  And of course you can be creative and add all sorts of vegetables to this recipe, but I didn’t want to mess with a good thing!


Here are a few gratuitous vacation photos for you guys.  In the wake of the recent disasters in Japan my heart is just aching for this great country and its beautiful people!  I feel really blessed to have caught a glimpse of who they are. Arigato!





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  • Christina
    February 18, 2018

    I love dishes like this, simple yet flavourful, a fab spring meal!

  • Kristin (Cook, Bake, Nibble)
    February 19, 2018

    This looks great- simple but packed with healthy flavor. My husband is Japanese, so we often make simple noodles dishes- they’re so easy to make, a great quick dinner!


  • Garfield
    February 19, 2018

    Your blog – stories, personal comments, fun way of writing and tons of info and PHOTOS – are amazing!

  • Toronto Girl West
    February 20, 2018

    I totally eat stuff like this all the time!!!! Now if only I could find handmade soba in my area! ?

    BTW – your blog makes me happy! Hence why I’ve added you to my new blog roll! 🙂