“Where are they now?”

You know how they have these “Where are they now?” Hollywood specials on TV? The ones where they show what washed up celebrities or one-hit wonders from years past are doing right now?

Well, today I am featuring a “Where are they now?” Christmas Decoration Edition!

For some reason I tend to show my holiday decorations and crafts all by itself here on Revel.  You know, when I have a little photo shoot in my office with a nice background and all that jazz. So here is a glimpse into where they are in my home, making the place look all festive and homey.

Remember the green painted Christmas trees?  Here they are in a basket on our dining room table.  And the cloves and oranges? Right in the basket too… well, that’s after I at half of them!


How about those balls on sticks?  They make the perfect addition to my white Christmas!


And the cookie tree? Nope, we haven’t eaten the whole thing yet… it is gracing our kitchen counter.


And something I haven’t shown you guys yet – our very first ever Christmas tree!  Yip, this is the first year that Derek and I have a Christmas tree in our house and I was totally giddy about it!  It’s a wee bit bare, but for a couple just starting out it is not half bad.  I’ve been buying up discounted decorations after Christmas for the last few years and finally got the chance to showcase them. And the balls with lights?  They are from our wedding dinner!


There you have it! I hope you guys are enjoying the last push to the holidays!  Remember to slow down and revel in it all.


I am currently sitting at the kitchen table in my father in law’s house with a nice daiquiri by my side and most of the presents are wrapped and under the tree!

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